Saturday, September 22, 2012

My favorite time of year . . . has arrived.  At least, it's been my favorite for most of my life.  I like the changing colors in the landscape, the relief from the oppressive heat and humidity, football, getting ready for holiday seasons.  The older I get, however, I am learning to love all seasons equally.  God's handiwork is no less beautiful in the Spring when azaleas bloom, daffodils nod their heads and little chilcren shine in their fresh new Easter clothes.  Summer brings produce, seafood from the gulf, excitement from children at VBS and delightful sounds coming from fun in the pool.  Even sitting around outside, battling mosquitoes, under a porch fan is nice.  (Winter pays us little attention here.) I do not like some of the weather that comes, but one learns to manage!  Even though it is fall, the weather is still hot and will remain so up into November; so will hurricance season. 

Last Monday was another trying day at the cancer clinic.  Many of the problems get pushed off onto the new computer system, but I silently protest that the system is only as good as the people who operate it and I've encountered incompetence once or twice.  After unraveling all the problems, I had a good visit with the doctor who tells me that the scans are stable--still no concern about the elevated CA125 at this point.  The blood pressure continues to be high which results in their having to take it several times per visit and that is a bother.  I'll be sure to discuss it with my primary care doctor when I have a routine visit in about six weeks. 

In August a couplce of friends and I started a sewing group at the church.  One of them crochets, the other does needlepoint.  Since our initial meeting, much has developed and several have decided to join our efforts to  use our interests and abilities to beautify our worship space and to reach out to others.  This afternoon is our second time together and I'm anxious to see who comes and what the next step will be.  There will be some crochet instruction for those who want and I may sit in on that just so I can learn how to "finish" the edges of some of my knit pieces.  As "Piecemakers" we are an intergenerational group, formed for service and fellowship.

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I purchased a new phone this past week.  It was time for me to upgrade both my phone and my technical abilities.  Good luck with that!  My new Smartphone provides a larger screen and keypad, which help greatly.  All the features seem a bit of a luxury for a retired person, but I am already enjoying getting e-mails and FB posts on it.  Now, if I could figure out how to answer when it rings! 

Reading in Hebrews 6 yesterday prompted me to consider once again the necessity of daily feasting on God's word.  The writer tells of the promise made to Abraham, the importance of the promise and the fact that it is God who guarantees the promise.  I thought:  "I know that."  However reading the promise, reflecting on how it affects me, and clinging to the knowledge that God guarantees it was like feasting at a table spread with all my favorite foods.  Just as we need food to nourish us for our physical journey, so much more is there a need for spiritual food for life in Christ.  That nourishment comes from regularly reading and meditating on God's word.  Food is not a one time intake--not for the body and not for the spirit.  Feasting on God's promises provides what we need to live and thrive in this journey called life. 

Pastor Margaret

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Desiree said...


Yippee, I figured out how to add a comment! One of the greatest gifts that Mark received when he was going through chemo was a prayer shawl from his mother's church. You know how cold it is in those chemo rooms. If your sewing group is not already making them, I highly recommend this ministry.

Yours in Christ,