Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Drought Has Ended . . .

It has been so many weeks since I have visited this page that I almost feel as if I need to reintroduce myself.  These have been days and weeks of reflection; days spent in re-evaluation of the past the present and the future.  They have also been days full of activitiy. 
  • Early in April I attended a luncheon at my college alma mater for those who had graduated 50 or more years ago.  Several of my classmates came from both near and far, to reminence about the "good old days."  Now we are eagerly looking forward to Homecoming in October. 
  • I spent some much needed time with the financial advisor who has taken care of us for many years.  He did much to ease my mind.  He had answers for all my questions and simple suggestions to things that had taken up far too much of my brain power.
  • One Wednesday two Jackson friends and I went to New Orleans for the day and had the Jazz Brunch at the Court of Two Sisters.  What a treat!!  The company was excellent, the food delicious and the weather perfect.  One can not always say that about New Orleans weather.  More often than not the humidity is oppressive--even for those of us who know humidity up close and personal. 
  • There have been "end of the year" band concerts and pre-school programs.
  • Now, it's May and things are headed quicly toward summer. 
One big issue that took much of my attention is not new.  It's called:  cancer, what I know about it and how it affects me.  In my last blog I mentioned that I had been to the doctor and that it was a so-so visit.  It wasn't particularly encouraging, but it wasn't completely discouraging either.  I have been concerned for months about results of a blood test that measures tumor activity.  My marker has consistently risen.  What I've learned, after having three different oncologists treating me, that different doctors view the results of the test from different perspectives.  Reluctantly, I have accepted that.  For instance, the original oncologist never wanted to see a result over 20; the second doctor was content for it to be under 35, the point at which disease is expected to be present; and my current doctor has a different opinion altogether.  He is not so alarmed at rising numbers by themselves, but factors in scan results and the patients overall condition.  Un
fortunately, I'm programmed by doctor #1 who wanted it under 20 and mine hasn't seen that number in months!  I can't even remember the last time it was under 20 except in December, 2006 when we were surprised to learn that it had dropped to 14.  (Long introduction to an amazing discovery.)  The Friday after I had been in the office and had the "so-so" report the nurse called to rearrange my appointment for May.  Since she had me on the phone I decided to ask her the results of the blood work earlier in the week and she said:  "Mrs. Suttle, the test is normal - 12.5."  Silence, as I picked myself up off the floor.  I could only stutter and ask how that low number could be possible.  Was she sure she had my chart?  Then I said to her: "If that's true, it's a miracle."  She responded, "This is a weekend of miracles."  It was Good Friday. 
Since that conversation, I have thanked God, questioned Him, considered what I know about the disease and finally decided that I'd take it at face value and declare myself cancer free, at least for now.  It is not remission, but the low number is definitely encouraging!

My doctor repeated the number when I saw him on Monday.  It was not a mistake.  Next month I will have the periodic scan, plus the usual blood tests.  We're praying for repeated good results.  Oh, and in addition to that, my blood pressure is lower than it has been in several months.  I cannot thank God enough for this new development.  All I can say is:  To God Be the Glory!!

Pastor Margaret


Jo Thompson said...

Thank you so much for continuing to share your thoughts. I am so blessed by your honesty and wisdom. Your words challenge me to live better. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Margaret, it was so good to see you at the 50 year luncheon even though I couldn't join all of you at Nick's that evening. Clarice said you all had a wonderful time. I am looking forward to seeing everybody in October. Those of us in Jackson will begin soon to get the word out.
Glad you had good reports on your cancer. You are an encouragement to all of your freinds that have not had to walk that path but face other issues in life that are not near as serious.
I Continue to pray for your health and that your home in TN will sell soon. The real estate market in Jackson has improved and I hope the same is true in TN.

Love, DeSha