Saturday, July 23, 2011

South Mississippi . . . is hot but not as hot as the rest of the country. We have been spared, maybe because of the thunderstorms that call on us almost daily. We had a sudden, terrific downpour yesterday that is bound to have put more water into the unfinished room underneath my house. We have had to have a plumber and a foundation man out to advise us about the problem and we were to call the next time we had such a downpour so someone could check the origin of the water. I forgot. Today it rained just enough to keep Tommy from doing yard work. We are so prone to complain--too hot, too cold; too much rain, not enough. Why are we never content?

Things around the "compound" were quiet today. Liz and the girls went to a neighboring town for the day to visit some friends down from Jackson, TN, Drew went to a movie with a friend, Tommy worked inside. The only sounds were occasional barks from the dogs and Jacob practicing his saxophone parts for band. I'm not used to such quiet!

In the morning I'll preach at the church where I attend. I will never cease being grateful for every opportunity to share God's word. After lunch I'll pack up and head to Jackson so I'll be there for an early morning appointment for scans, tests and a visit with the doctor on Monday. I'm ready for some answers and to learn what kind of schedule is in my future.

One of the lectionary passages for tomorrow is Romans 8:26-39, familiar verses that are mind-boggling. Studying for the sermon caused me to reflect on the many times God has worked to bring good from seemingly dire circumstances in my life or in the lives of people I know and love. God is in the midst of every circumstance. Once again, I was overcome with the knowledge that God chose me to be His child, not because of anything I have done, but because of His love and grace. God loves me and nothing will ever change that--absolutely nothing! I pray that what I know to be true and the gratitude I feel will be obvious tomorrow and that God will be glorified.

Pastor Margaret

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