Tuesday, December 21, 2010

All Things Bright and Beautiful

The Lord did indeed make them all! Ours has been a wonderful Advent season, highlighted by Tuesday noon services at the church we attend. Guest musicians have provided special music and guest ministers have led in Advent devotionals. After each service we have gathered to share simple lunches in the fellowship hall and the visiting around the tables has added to the day. Sunday, a week ago, the choir presented their annual cantata during the worship hour. Frankly, I have never liked for the music to take the place of the spoken word, but I'll have to say that the music that morning was absolutely glorious. Scripture readings began with the Creation in Genesis and continued through God's plan for our salvation and the birth of Jesus. This past Sunday found us headed to Humboldt to worship with our friends there. One delightful lady was celebrating her 96th birthday and the church had planned a little surprise party for her after the service. The minister's text was the Matthew 1 story of Joseph's learning of Mary's pregnancy and his response. The delightful part was that she assumed the character of Joseph and dramatically shared in first person. It has been a season of anticipation and thanksgiving for the gift of Jesus.

Together Tom and I have baked, shopped, decorated and enjoyed friends and family. The one thing that hasn't been done is no Christmas cards have been sent. My address list got stuck somewhere between the old and new laptops so I have been carefully recording addresses as card come to us. Yesterday we went to Memphis to shop in two specific stores: a men's store for Tom and Penzey's spice store. My cousin met us at Penzey's and the three of us went to lunch. It was nice to enjoy excellent service, cloth tablecloths and napkins and great food. We had a wonderful visit as well. Tom, of course, listens more than he talks--we don't give him much opportunity, if you want to know the truth.

Last night as we approached our house I noticed the porch light was on and remarked that someone had been here. Then when as I prepared to make the wide swing to get into our garage we saw both Tommy and Elizabeth's vans. Tommy had bought us a tree and the two of them were busily setting it up when we arrived. (There was a tell tale trail of evergreen needles from the back door into the living room.) Liz, who I have desiganted as the "light queen," put the lights on and we began putting on the ornaments after they went home. I don't know who gets the most joy out of this experience that they duplicate each year.

Tonight we celebrated Meredith's fifth birthday. She was not quite a year old when we moved here and today she is a delightful little girl, full of imagination and affection for her family. Big sister Sarah had the stomach bug and had to miss the party, but Mimi, Liz's mom, was able to join us by Skype. Modern technology is something else!

More cooking follows--and of course, more eating. We are so blessed to have family and friends and we have loved hearing from many and seeing pictures. We wish you the most wonderful of Christmases full of hope, peace, joy and love made possible by the gift of Jesus.

Pastor Margaret


Bubblewench said...

Merry Christmas Pastor Margaret. God bless you and yours. Thank you for all your beautiful words this past year.

John Hallman said...

Dear Mrs. Suttle, I would like to wish you and yours a very merry Christmas. I don't guess I have been in contact with you all since my wedding where I know I offended Tommy and possibly you. I have tried to find both you and Mr. Suttle, as well as Tommy and Elizabeth several times. I have even done a search on Marty, but I am not very adept at such things. I think of you often, for Tommy was my dearest friend for years. You and Mr. Suttle also had profound effect on me as a punk college kid. You truly showed me the love of Christ.I am so glad to read that you are still alive and well and that Christ's love is still so very evident in you. I have searched for y'all via white pages, but could only seem to find Mr. Suttle's dad's address. I certainly would love to renew auld acquaintance. Know that it has saddened me for years that due to some probably stupid remark or remarks I made I cost myself some great friends. Know also that I think of you and pray for you often. I offer my sincere apology. Denise and I have now have four kids: Beau, CJ, Nathan, and Emma-Joy. We've had some small human part in the organization of four churches one in Iceland and three in West Africa. We are currently preparing to return to Iceland though that will probably take some time.
Sincerely yours in Christ,
John Hallman