Saturday, October 30, 2010

Finally Back

Last Saturday I picked up my new laptop at Office Depot and I've been struggling learning the differences in it and the former laptop. I was so used to the one I had!

Let's see if I can give you a brief update on our October activities.
  • Did I tell you that Tom joined a fitness center and is working with a personal trainer two days a week? He is doing well and I know it is helping him.
  • On the negative side, he gets more disoriented and less functioning as the afternoon turns to evening. Parkinson's is so unpredictable!!
  • The cataract surgeries have done well and we look forward to seeing the opthamologist this week for a final time--we hope.
  • I was able to resume the Avastin, but thus far have not noticed any good it's done. My blood pressure has risen, but it's being controlled by medication. My red blood count is creeping down necessitating shots in an attempt to prompt cell production. The CA125 is creeping up. I will go to the Memphis office in another couple of weeks for scans and for my monthly visit with the doctor. Please pray for a positive visit.
  • The past two Sundays I filled the pulpit in Humboldt, taught Sunday School the week before that and began this year's PW Bible Study in Revelation. (Next, I begin work on the Advent devotions for our church here--have to get busy fast or won't be ready.)

Not only has the blog drought been broken, but the rains finally returned this past week. With the rain came cooler temperatures and it's beginning to feel and look more like fall. Tom and I have begun our periodic runs downtown to check out the ghinko trees lining the streets--not much yellow showing yet. A friend took us by the West Tennessee Experiment Station yesterday afternoon to see a huge one there and it had one yellow branch. The interesting thing about it, however, is that its trunk is a series of interwoven trunks, the like of which I have never seen. They also erect a big pumpkin display yearly and we enjoyed that as well. I love fall.

This coming week we are making our long awaited trip to Raleigh to baptize Colin next Sunday. We covet your prayers as we travel and as we welcome another covenant child into the Covenant Family.

Very shortly we anticipate the arrival of five costumed Suttles so they can trick or treat at our house before going to visit with friends in a neighborhood that has more children. They had Trunk or Treat at the church Wednesday night and with tonight's outing I decided they had enough candy so I'm packaging grapes and wrapping some pieces of cake I made especially for them today. At least the grapes are healthy. I'd best go busy myself getting things ready.

I've missed visiting with you and hope you are all well.


Pastor Margaret

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