Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March Madness Has Begun . . .

and our Bulldogs got snubbed. After playing the number two team in the country down to the wire in the SEC Tournament Championship and losing in overtime by two, the "committee" in its infinite wisdom didn't think the Dawgs deserved a bid. I don't presume to understand all the factors they use to make their choices. I just know that there were lots of disappointed folks when the announcement was made. They got a number 1 seed in the NIT, won their first game and play North Carolina on Saturday. Go Dawgs!!! Wish we could be there.

Colin and family survived his weekend stay in the hospital and they are fine except for a couple of irritating complications caused by an anitibiotic he didn't need; his getting too accustomed to sleeping in Marty's arms against her chest; and a newfound fear of the doctor. Marty said today that she had planned some much needed and wanted one on one time with Christopher, but Colin wants to be held and Christopher kept telling her to put Colin in his bed. They are a busy bunch, but well and that makes us all happy.

Tonight we went to Wednesday night supper at Humboldt and had a good time visiting and eating hamburgers and hot dogs the men had grilled and strawberry shortcake for dessert. I had commited to lead a follow up session for small group leaders at 1st church, Jackson so had to leave supper to get back here by seven. It was really encouraging to get positive feedback and to get some better idea of how things were going for them. Small group ministry is essential, I believe, for the spiritual growth of the church and the spiritual growth in the church promotes numerical growth. I do miss active ministry!

Tomorrow is scan day. The thing I dread the most? not having coffee when I first get out of bed!!!! The doctor will see us after he has seen the results. I don't dread those visits anymore; they have gotten to be pretty routine. Okay. What next? We are hoping for a rest from treatment, but praying for healing. Sometimes it takes illness and/or disability to make us really thankful for things we have always taken for granted. I'm not sure I'll ever learn to consider fatigue when I make my list of errands or tasks to be done arount the house. At another place in our lives, we'd be on the road bright and early Saturday to drive to Starkville to the basketball game. I learned this afternoon of our friend Marty's age diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer three years ago, has signs of more cancer. You may remember praying for her. She has two pre-school little boys, is a physicist for NASA, has campaigned tirelessly for breast cancer awareness and is a super friend. We will prayerfully await results of her scans as well. If there is a "why question" forming in my mind, it would be why I continue to be blessed with more time and she is faced with more illness and treatment. I think on the goodness of God and know that we are shaped by the happenings in our lives. We may react or we may respond with trust. It is my prayer that both in my life and in Susan's that God will be glorified!

Pastor Margaret

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