Friday, June 13, 2008

We're in Raleigh--too busy to post--too laid back to move. That's contradictory, but that's how it is! The busy-ness is in playing with Christopher and, of course, he takes priority. The being laid back is in not really having anything we absolutely have to do. The trip over was pretty easy and not too tiring. I did my usual "getting lost around Raleigh" bit and had to call and say, "I know where I am, but how do I get to you?" You'd think after living in Sacramento I'd be ready for the big city, but apparently I'm not. I'm a small town gal at heart!

But, there are some things that are scarce in small towns and I usually arrive here with a list. This time I had an item from Tommy--lobster base--not something I'd buy, but whatever he cooks with it, I'll eat. (It's on my shopping list for today.) One other thing listed for today is a box of jumbo pasta shells--or maybe several boxes. It's rather tedious to stuff small ones and I love shrimp stuffed shells and another dish I make regularlly when I can find jumbo shells. Raleigh, actually Cary, has a Trader Joe's, a California tradition to be sure. We made that trip yesterday and I stocked up on the trail mix Tom loves, Joe's O's, my favorite granola and other good stuff.

I saved the best to last--finding quilted containers for stemware at a fraction of the original cost. After forty plus years of marriage and storing all the German crystal Tom bought when he was stationed in Munich in their original boxes, I decided to bite the bullet and store it in something that would keep it clean and ready to use at a moment's notice. Until now I'd have to find the right box, unwrap the crystal, wash and dry it, use it, wash and dry it, rewrap and put it back in the box--not exactly conducive to using it much. At check out, watching the register I noticed the clerk rang up $23 for what I thought was one container. When I questioned her, calling her attention to the $14.95 price tag, she said, "No, this is a special price. You're getting six containers for $23." Folks, that's a bargain in any size town!! I can use the savings to help fill the gas tank for the trip home.

Indulge me with one more shopping story. Last week Tom and I went to Germantown (east Memphis community) for me to attend a meeting. For me, going to Germantown involves a trip to the Penzey Spice store and while there I casually asked if they knew where I could buy sausage casings. Tommy makes sausage and thus far, he's had to make it into patties for lack of the availability of casings. The saleslady called a neighborhood Italian deli, put me on the phone and we ended up at the deli for lunch. The owner was really nice, interested in why I wanted the casings and graciously offered to give me what I wanted. In return, I'm to take him some of Tommy's andouille the next time I go to Germantown. The funny part was the casings were put into a sandwich size plastic bag, salted and handed to me, free of charge, with my promise to return with Tommy's sausage. I had to stop at a service station, purchase a cooler and a bag of ice to keep them fresh for the drive back to Jackson. Free casings traveled home in a $9 cooler with ice. The man and his deli made my day! I can't wait to go back.

I heard on the news that an area close to Sacramento is experiencing wild fires and the temperature for today is to reach 100. Know that you are in my prayers! And always in my heart!!!

Pastor Margaret

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DC said...

I think my roommate would like a couple of six packs of Highland Oatmeal Porter if you're still in the shopping mood.