Monday, May 19, 2008

My computer has been idle for the last several days. We've been very busy and one entire day last week I had trouble with my wireless connection. Wouldn't you know it was the day I had planned to be online?

The end of the school year has affected this retired couple's activities though it's been years since we've had children in school. Now we get to follow what goes on with the grandchildren. Last Tuesday we attended an honors program for Jacob's school and swelled with pride when he received academic awards for one of the best grade averages in his homeroom and for making all A's this year. Tomorrow morning Drew graduates from kindergarten but we'll have to miss that because of a doctor's appointment.

Tommy and his family were in south Mississippi over the weekend to participate in the wedding of friends who had been in youth groups with whom he had worked--one in McComb and another in Laurel. We haven't gotten the full report yet, but the initial report is they had a great time seeing old friends.

We had friends from Iowa come for a short visit. They are both teachers now and were able to get away at the end of their school year and before the summer session begins. We met the Marlins when we lived in California and they moved from there to Iowa about six months after we came to Tennessee. It was fun seeing them, catching up on each other's news and trying to expose them to good ole' Southern hospitality and cooking. I won't have to eat again for days!

This week we look forward to celebrating both Tommy's birthday and Sarah's. His was last Friday and hers is this Saturday. Birthdays always make me wonder where all the years have gone and strive to be more intentional about savoring every day with all of our family. Someone once gave the advice not to put off til tomorrow what can be done today. When I see our grown children and watch their children growing up so quickly, I can only say "Amen and Amen."

Pastor Margaret

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