Saturday, April 12, 2008

This is one of those gorgeous Spring Saturdays when the list in my head has far too many things on it! Just looking out the window makes me want to dig in the dirt and plant things. Then I catch sight of sticks and pieces of limbs that fell in the last storm, I notice the nandina still bent over from the snow six weeks ago, I see dead bushes that need to go and my urge to dig subsides a bit. There is so much clean up and soil preparation that needs to be done first. Tommy and Drew came by yesterday to change the light bulbs on the front porch and Tommy asked if I knew I had dead plants on the porch. I admitted that I knew and that they'd been dead since before Christmas. At first I tried to hide the pots behind the columns and then I noticed how symetrical in shape and color they were so I left them, thinking that from the street it really didn't matter they were dead. After all, the ones on a porch across the street are plastic and faded from the sun. Today might be the day to put fresh plants on the porch. I have to start somewhere.

Speaking of Drew--he has a new hard cast. His first choice of color was camouflage, but the clinic didn't have it so he decided on red--bright and autographs easlily. When he showed it to us, he said, "I can run now." At chuch supper on Wednesday night someone's prayer request was that Drew not run and drive his mother crazy. I think Liz has gone to sleep at night saying, "Drew, don't run." He only has one speed! He has demonstrated the strength and protection of the cast by ramming both his opposite fist and his head into it. The cast won. I repeat. "Boys will be boys."

I'm preaching tomorrow and was delighted to discover that one of the lectionary texts is Psalm 23. That meant I could use notes and an outline from an earlier sermon, not because I didn't want to start from scratch, but because it's one of my favorite texts. I hear the voices of two preaching mentors, one saying not to go too often to your file of what you've preached previously and the other saying not to be too eager to preach on the most familiar Scripture passages--Psalm 23 and John 3:16. However, I don't think either of them would be critical of my preaching this text again and again as the occasion presents itself. After all, can we ever know the Shepherd completely? I'm looking forward to another opportunity to share what Psalm 23 continues to teach me about our amazing Lord.

Pastor Margaret

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