Saturday, April 21, 2007

It looks like Spring; it feels like Spring, but, of course, it was only two weeks ago that we had about three nights of below freezing temperatures. Those nights did a "number" on budding and blooming plants and trees. We did a quick look this afternoon to see if things are beginning to green at the base. Fortunately, most things are trying to grow again. Unfortunately, the weeds are doing the same. Yesterday one of our grandsons said that our next door neighbor offered to give us the name of his yardman if we hadn't found one. Could that be a hint that our grass needs attention? Honestly, I look forward to getting outside to snip and prune and get my hands in the dirt, but I don't do grass.

Tom and I both visited our primary care doctor early in the week. I am officially discharged from any breathing help or treatments. Yea! I had quit with them a few months ago anyway. The doctor's concern for us was Tom's weight loss and my weight gain--pretty typical. Thursday afternoon we got a call from the neurologist's office just to let us know that all the results of all the tests ordered on Tom were in and would be discussed with us when we return the first week in May. The nurse asked how Tom was doing with the medication changes, spoke to the doctor about my observations and put him back on the original dose of one of the pills. The change started this morning, but I think I already notice an improvement. We are so grateful for all the medical care we are receiving and I, especially, am grateful for the neurologist!

The week has been full of many emotions. The older adult ministry network with which I have been associated for twenty years had the annual conference at Lake Tahoe and I wanted so much to be there. Being there would have also meant a side trip to Sacramento and I really missed that. The horror at Virgina Tech saddened me like it did thousands of others, but I was especially concerned for a dear friend and her husband who teaches there. A quick phone call to her at noon on Monday assured me of their safety. The murder trial of the "preacher's wife" took place in a neighboring county and much media attention has been directed there. I hope that as a result of revelations made in the trial that awareness of abuse will be raised and that people will come to understand that it happens in the "best of families." Neither side won.

There were also some great moments this week. We talked to several friends from California and had such a good time catching up and hearing their news. The mail also brought cards, notes and news from the church. Tommy needed a substitute to teach his Bible study on Thursday and "mom" was happy to be asked. I thought I missed teaching--now I'm sure I do! Yesterday Tommy cooked salmon on our back porch and the children played in the backyard. Such simple things, but such fun! Cooking with him has always been one of my favorite things. Today Liz and I went to lunch. I thought we both needed a break from routine. Marty and her family spent several days in the DC area visiting friends and seeing the sights. Their week was marred my at least one case of the stomach bug. That was not such a great thing. Our thanks to those of you readers who provided some of this week's great moments for us.

Tomorrow is Sunday, the Lord's Day. Both Tom and I grew up in homes where there was never a question about what you did on Sunday. There has never been a question in the home we established together. Today things are different. We can't always be in church worshiping God with God's people and that is hard for us both. We need to be there. I miss being an active participant. God's word tells us not to forsake assembling together. It says "enter into the gates with thanksgiving." It's not about what we get, but what we give in our worship of God. The most meaningful definition of "worship" to me came from a seminary professor: Worship is the adoration of God by the people of God. I hope we all have that opportunity to worship tomorrow.

Pastor Margaret


mary a. harbison-sindle said...

Dear Margaret & Tom-Reading your blog is like a quick visit. only not long enough. The Presbytery Mission Support Committee was glad to hear of your progress and said to tell you hello. I am really learning from the experience with them. I hope that in some way I can be a help to them. The National News seems to focus on only the horrible things that happen and as Christians and Americans all we can do is pray that good may come from all the bad. It is trus we all like to go to God's House on Sunday, but it comforting to know that Gad's People are worshiping Him no matter where they may be. I miss you and your wise council, but know that the move was for the best. Maybe someday I can make to to Tennessee, until them may God's blessings be on you and yours. Mary A. Harbison-Sindle--PS I am going to be a great-grandmother in October.MAHS

marty said...

The bug has vanished, and we are hoping that it doesn't show up in anyone else. It was a nasty one!

I'm sorry you couldn't take your trip. It would be fun to just pack up and go to the Women's Retreat, wouldn't it?