Saturday, March 17, 2007

You are not alone in checking back. I still click over in the hopes that Momma has started writing. She is a woman with things to say. Sometimes important things, sometimes funny things, and sometimes just interesting things. My thought was that Tommy and I would keep this blog so that you could keep up with Margaret and Tom. My hope was that one day she would take over and write for herself. That may or may not happen. She has her hands full.

The house is still unsettled. The Suttle women have this illness in which they inadvertently collect several sets of dishes that they could never dream of parting with. Momma stores those dishes in a big beautiful wardrobe which was broken in the move. For months now, she has been waiting for that piece to be repaired so that she can finish unpacking.

Her sinuses are busy welcoming her back to the South. I'm pushing Flonase. Anyone with other or better ideas, please send them along to her. We would like for the lady who kicks cancer in the butt to not be overpowered by sinus problems.

Other than that though, there are signs of settling in. Momma and Daddy are attending First Presbyterian with Tommy and his family. They usually make it to the brown bag Bible study that Tommy leads during the week as well. I would like to be a fly on the wall and watch Momma and Tommy in this setting.

They have ordered living room furniture. Momma has gotten a driver's license and Daddy has gotten a identification card.

Friends from Jackson, Mississippi, have driven up to see them, and Momma's voice lights up right through the phone when she talks about it.

Things are - surprisingly normal.

The biggest change in my opinion is in Daddy. Tommy and I found a stressed, anxious, angry, and frightened man in California. Only a few of you have seen him like that. I'm am thankful for that, because it is so not him.

Now, Daddy is happy. He wants to get out and do things. He is sleeping better.

He eats.

No longer is he the man who looks like he will blow away in the next wind. He has gained about 30 pounds by my last check, and he looks and feels so much better.

Momma will go back to the doctor this month. I will post a report here when I know something.

I know that many people love my Momma and Daddy. I know why they do. This blog, for me, is just a way to say thank you for that. I'm not the preacher of the family. I'm the bearer of news. Hopefully good news.

And who knows? If enough of you give an encouraging word, maybe you might just hear from Momma, the Reverand Mother, the Silver Fox, Pastor Margaret, your friend. Maybe.


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