Saturday, December 09, 2006

Sunday, December 10th -

Friends from Jackson, MS came up a couple of days ago to help Tom and Margaret unpack boxes and get organized. With some luck, they will be living in their new home sometime next week! Tom is still waiting to get in to see a new doctor here in TN. They have some inside connections, though, and hopefully, he'll get in soon. Margaret is doing well. She had a CAT scan this past Thursday and the results have been sent to her new oncologist in Memphis. We all go to the oncologist this Monday to see where she stands.

Tomorrow afternoon, Tommy and Margaret are going to cook dinner for the session of 1st Pres. Tom will be on hand to taste and assist. I guess you could say that Tom and Margaret have moved back south and are getting pretty acclomated. Of course the weather here the past few nights have been very un-Californian! 14 degrees Thursday night and 11 degrees last night! Brrrrr!

Things are going well so far. More posts later.

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